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Serck Heat Exchange has developed its knowledge and skills through many years of experience enabling us to provide to our customers a wide range of services, some of which are listed below;

Design & Evaluation

Through the latest design and manufacturing techniques Serck Heat Exchange ensures a quality heat exchange product from inception to delivery. Thermal design is carried out using HTRI Xchanger Suite 6 whilst the Mechanical design is carried out using Finglow software.

Serck Heat Exchange uses Solid Edge ST 3D modeling software which is capable of exchanging data with other systems such as CATIA and Pro-Engineer whereas the COMSOL Multi-physics FEA/CFD software can be used to solve both static and dynamic problems.

Serck Heat Exchange also has a large historic database covering all types of heat exchangers and their construction and performance.

Design and Manufacture

Vibrasonic Cleaning

Serck Heat Exchange has Vibrasonic Cleaning facilities. This is a highly efficient and cost effective method of cleaning which will significantly improve the performance of Heat Exchangers and extend product life.

Its primary application is for tubestacks, valves, filter elements, castings, pipework and fabrications.

If you require a specialist cleaning service for Charge Air Coolers and other associated engine components then please call our Serck engineers.

Local assessment and collection service available throughout the UK

Vibrasonic Cleaning

Testing Facilty

Serck Heat Exchange has designed and manufactured two bespoke, purpose built test rigs.

1.Hot Oil Flushing & Pressure Testing rig:

This process is carried out over an 8 hour period and conducts pressure testing at the same time simulating the coolers being in service.

We believe were the only company that is able to offer combined hot oil flushing and pressure testing with a certified cleanliness level of 30 Microns operating at 3000 l/min @ 6 Bar – 60oC.

2.Hot Air Pulsation Test rig:

This has been designed to prove out product innovations and developments. It has a dual bed to enable accelerated product testing. It provides both Real Time Fatigue Life Assessments and Finite Element Verification.

The rig provides both Serck Heat Exchange and its customers the confidence in its new innovations & products and the longevity of their performance.

Site Services / Installation

Serck Heat Exchange have a dedicated team of experienced site engineers who carry out on-site strip down, cleaning and installation work in the UK and overseas. All hold CCNSG safety passports and some have OPITO certificates enabling them to operate on offshore oilrigs. The team also has experience working on nuclear power stations.

Site Services


Our main site located at the heart of the UK is 25,000 square feet and houses some of the latest equipment for manufacturing.

The team of experienced welders is fully coded to the latest current standards and all operators hold CCNSG safety passports.

Design and Manufacture