Serck Heat Exchange is involved in the design and manufacture of a number of radiator products:

  • Automotive Radiators
  • Locomotive Radiators
  • Vehicle air-conditioning condensers
  • Inter Coolers and Charge Air Coolers
  • Oil Coolers
  • Power Steering Coolers
  • Motorsport Radiators

For engine jacket water-cooling, Serck Heat Exchange specialises in small – medium volume production runs of radiators for Static Generators, Military and other Specialist Vehicles as well as various plant applications. Radiators are manufactured in copper and brass or, more commonly, aluminium; aluminium units are Nocolok brazed in state of the art controlled atmosphere furnaces. Copper/brass cores are built from the highest quality materials in a dedicated manufacturing facility.

A dedicated division produces custom designed radiators for motor sport applications and Serck Heat Exchange flush and clean radiators for a number of F1 racing teams. Motorsport Website

The Serck Heat Exchange team carries out vibration analysis, SWAAT corrosion testing, shock loading and wind tunnel testing and has developed its own dedicated performance prediction programs.