Testing Facilty


Testing Facilty

Serck Heat Exchange has designed and manufactured two bespoke, purpose built test rigs.

1.Hot Oil Flushing & Pressure Testing rig:

This process is carried out over an 8 hour period and conducts pressure testing at the same time simulating the coolers being in service.

We believe were the only company that is able to offer combined hot oil flushing and pressure testing with a certified cleanliness level of 30 Microns operating at 3000 l/min @ 6 Bar – 60oC.

2.Hot Air Pulsation Test rig:

This has been designed to prove out product innovations and developments. It has a dual bed to enable accelerated product testing. It provides both Real Time Fatigue Life Assessments and Finite Element Verification.

The rig provides both Serck Heat Exchange and its customers the confidence in its new innovations & products and the longevity of their performance.